Our Approach

We offer each client a unique and individualized treatment plan that focuses on giving you the quickest, yet most long-lasting results.  Regardless of who you see on our staff, we take a team approach to helping you achieve your goals.  Although you will only be seeing your assigned therapist on a weekly basis,  three senior clinicians (and founders of The Soho Center) will be approving your treatment plan and offering support and guidance when needed throughout the process.

Our Story

The Soho Center began with the private practice of Anthony Freire, LMHC.  Sensing that clients would get better served by a team approach, Anthony began his search for the most talented and effective therapists, first in terms of finding the right business partners who shared the same vision, and then to grow his staff.   Today, all of our therapists have graduated from some of the nation's most prestigious schools, such as New York University, Columbia University, Fordham University, and Hunter College... and have gone through a rigorous training and hiring process so that you are truly working with some of the best therapists in New York City.

Meet the Team

Our staff has exceeded the gold-standard of care required by The Soho Center.


Anthony Freire, LMHC


Licensed Psychotherapist

Clinical Supervisor

Anthony is a compassionate and warm, yet challenging psychotherapist based in New York City. He completed his undergraduate and graduate education at New York University, and completed his residency at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, NJ. He received his Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice from NYU’s School of Social Work in 2015. Anthony is a member of the American Counseling Association and the New York Center for the Study of Groups, Organizations, and Systems.

Anthony's primary interest is in trauma-informed care, helping people recover from psychological trauma that manifests itself as anxiety, depression and PTSD.  His unique approach, utilizing the relationship between client and therapist to uncover how the client navigates and presents him/herself to the world, and how the world responds to them, provides the client with invaluable data that helps correct negative behavior or negative beliefs about the self that interferes with a fulfilling life.  He also provides counseling for a variety of other issues, including substance abuse, alcoholism, marriage difficulties, relationships, and organizational consulting. Anthony has worked with diverse communities and groups, including those newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS , the LGBT community, the arts community, as well as the underprivileged.

He has assembled a DREAM TEAM of Therapists, many of them having graduated from his Alma Mater, New York University, where there is a high standard of training and education around treating clients. Other schools that our therapists have graduated from include Columbia, Hunter, and Fordham as well.  In creating the Soho Center, Anthony has created a safe environment for clients to safely, discreetly, and confidentially work through issues that are negatively impacting their lives.  The Soho Center also serves as an educational resource for newly licensed and pre-licensed professionals to further their clinical education and increase their skill sets.


Kelley Hershman, LMHC


Licensed Psychotherapist

Clinical Supervisor

For the past ten years, Kelley's approach has been to meet you where you are at in an authentic and compassion way.  She remains flexible, engaged and non-judgmental in an effort to cater to your unique needs while ensuring a high standard of quality care. Together, you will explore with depth the experiences that have molded your personality and the presenting issues that bring you to therapy in the first place, including depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, insecurity, learning disabilities, relationship & family conflict, grief and loss, trauma, rejection, perfectionism, feelings of inadequacy, stigma and marginalization within your family, organizations and society. The therapeutic rapport will be the instrument for change in your relationships with significant others. The insight you gain from your relationship with Kelley will sharpen your awareness of your thoughts, feelings & roles you play in relationships with the people you encounter in your everyday life and will allow you to experience new and meaningful ways of being with others.

Kelley Hershman, B.S., M.S., M.A., LMHC, is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Clinician, Supervisor, Social Science Researcher, Lecturer, and Organizational Consultant in New York City. She is considered the mental health professional equivalent of a primary care physician, treating adults, minors (ages 5-18), couples, families, groups and organizations. She received her B.S. in Applied Psychology, and her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from New York University and her M.S. in Clinical, Counseling and School Psychology at the University of California. She completed her post-graduate residencies at the Karen Horney Clinic's American Institute for Psychoanalysis; and completed her specialization residency in Marriage and Family therapy at the Ackerman Center for Families. As a result, Kelley has worked the entire gamut of mental health disorders.

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Kate Engstrom, LCSW


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Clinical Supervisor

Everyone has a unique journey and perspective. Change can feel extremely scary and sometimes problems feel insurmountable; however it is possible to feel hopeful, accomplish your goals and live your best life. Through person-centered exploration and the process of identifying your needs, talking about and normalizing feelings, and examining the interrelatedness of relationships and behaviors in various biopsychosocial environments, we will collaborate to work on your goals and discover and work to restore your sense of dignity, self-worth, authenticity, self-accountability, intrinsic motivations and personal values.

Kate is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA degree in Community Studies, a BA in Film and Digital Media, and a Masters degree in Social Work from the City University of New York, Hunter College, The Silberman School of Social Work.  She has more than 15 years of clinical experience and utilizes various interventions including motivational interviewing, strength based techniques, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic theories to integrate and create a comprehensive, individualized, stage of change appropriate treatment trajectory.

Kate has provided numerous services to diverse populations including crisis management, family issues and family reunification, adoption (pre-post and adult adoptees), acute mental health and symptom management, substance and polysubstance abuse recovery, managing transitional periods, integrated dual-diagnosis treatment, anxiety, self-care, self-empowerment and autonomy, communication skills, homelessness, depression, bipolar disorder, grief and loss, primary medical and mental health care provider support, aging parents and loved ones and anger management.

We will explore your concerns through different frameworks and various clinical lenses in a non-judgmental, supportive environment to help you feel more confident in learning how to identify your needs, get your needs met and to enable you to feel an increased over-all sense of well-being. She is extremely receptive to feedback, empathetic and compassionate in your collaborative partnership and is committed to your recovery process.


Gillian Lichter, LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapist

I believe the most important element of therapy is the client-therapist relationship, and so my approach is compassionate and collaborative. My aim is to provide a safe, supportive environment that fosters empowerment and self-acceptance. In therapy we will explore and gain insight into present and past experiences, interpersonal dynamics, and recurring patterns of thinking and behaving. Together we will work to set goals, identify obstacles, and develop constructive coping strategies. I practice from a psychodynamic framework, but may utilize other theoretical orientations based on your needs.

Areas of interest and specialty include LGBTQ-related issues, anxiety, depression, family conflict, relationship problems, polyamory, career-related concerns, self-acceptance, and substance use.

Gillian earned her B.A. in Psychology with a concentration in counseling from Alfred University and her M.A. in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of New York and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. Gillian completed her graduate internship training at IHI Therapy Center. After she graduated, she was hired as a Staff Therapist and as the Student Liaison for IHI’s internship program. Gillian’s work at IHI primarily focused on the mental health needs of people in the LGBTQ community and people within the entertainment industry. After nearly four years at IHI Gillian has shifted her focus to continue as an Associate Psychotherapist at The Soho Center. 


Megan Faralli, LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapist

I view therapy as a collaborative approach between myself and my patients. My goal is to assist you in living a fuller and more satisfying life by gaining insight into your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships. Through insight and accessibility to the many facets of your emotional and mental life, I hope to help you in breaking down the internal and external barriers that prevent you from actualizing your true potential. Emotions are perhaps the most important tools we have as human beings for guiding our lives in a manner that is authentic and fulfilling. Rather than avoiding and/or defending against our emotions, therapy offers the opportunity for them to be welcomed, examined, and ultimately embraced through the safety of the therapeutic relationship. 

I came to this profession following the completion of my undergraduate studies at Boston University. I went on to obtain my master's degree in counseling psychology from New York University, and have since worked in residential mental health settings, outpatient substance abuse agencies, and private practices. I consider the continuation of my own education to be an invaluable and critical component for offering the highest quality of care to my patients. I look forward to meeting you.


Shurla Perry, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I believe that everyone needs a safe space where they can explore concerns with daily living and its impediments. I provide a neutral, non-judgmental zone to explore and find positive coping strategies. I believe that positive coping strategies will empower us to live our best lives. I will aid you in finding and exploring factors in your past and present that have hindered you from recognizing your internal strength. I hold a strong belief that talk therapy allows for a collaborative effort to utilize grounded theories as the tools needed to help you heal, change, accept and live your best life.

I am a Mental Health Counselor-LP who attained my degrees from Nassau Community College, New York University, and Hofstra University. While attending these scholastic institutions, I interned at various facilities such as The Door, Queens Children Psychiatric Hospital, and South Oaks Hospital Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse Program. I have also held positions that allowed me to work with both public and private sector. I've worked with children and adults with a history of traumatic events that stem from various types of abuse.  I also have experience with couple's therapy, particularly focused around healthy communication styles.


Lauren Mistretta, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

I am a compassionate and thoughtful clinician, who is dedicated to providing individualized and evidence-based psychotherapy.  I utilize a collaborative approach with clients, establishing a course of treatment that is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual client or couple.  I view psychotherapy as an interpersonal and educational experience; one that facilitates emotional, behavioral, and relational understanding, encourages personal responsibility, and guides the process of client growth and desired change.

I studied psychology for over eight years, receiving my graduate degree, M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from New York University and undergraduate degree, B.A. in Psychology from Bucknell University.  In addition, I have received and continue to pursue clinical training in psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral approaches, specifically Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.  I have successfully employed these methods, treating a wide-range of client concerns, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, disordered eating & body image, family & relationship difficulties, substance abuse, perfectionism, self-worth & identity concerns, as well as career & lifestyle transitions.

I believe that every individual has the ability to modify dysfunctional tendencies and adopt healthier and more flexible ways of being.  I am deeply committed to helping my clients alleviate emotional distress and lead more authentic, fulfilling and joyful lives.  Together we will access your resources and strengths, while gaining insight into the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors blocking you from reaching your true potential.

Beth ZD Profile

Beth Renov, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

Throughout my years serving a young adult/adult population, I have gained a great appreciation for working collaboratively with each client to understand the most effective approach unique to each individual. My approach uses person-centered exploration through different frameworks and clinical lenses to provide a nonjudgmental therapeutic environment in which we can gain a greater awareness of the individual's concerns and work from this awareness to affect change in the present.

I am a social worker with an LMSW and a SIFI certification to supervise social work interns.  Through my experience, I believe that many concerns are based in challenges with emotional expression and effective communication within our relationships. I have worked successfully within this model to address depression, anxiety, issues arising from sexual identity, LGBTQ, life transitions, long-standing relational issues, among many others.

My philosophy and approach to therapy is different from traditional schools of thought. I break away from the "old school" idea that therapy is just for people who have "serious problems" or mental illness. I understand life is stressful, relationships can be difficult, and the daily grind can leave even the best of us feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

I believe therapy is a proactive way to deal with life's challenges; a powerful tool in overcoming periods where you feel stuck or hit a roadblock; a journey to self awareness and knowing your true self; an opportunity to live your best life.

My role is to give clinical guidance on your journey by providing non-judgmental, unconditional positive regard at all times. I have years of experience in helping children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples thrive and find their happiness again.

mcmullen headshot Blazer-9

Elise McMullen, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

I believe that the client and therapist relationship is essential to the therapeutic process, so my approach is supportive and collaborative. My style is warm, empathic, and non-judgmental while also honest and direct. Based on my personal and professional expertise in sports psychology and career/executive coaching, I will help you master the sport of managing your most meaningful relationships, mental health, and goals. I do so by utilizing holistic and evidence-based approaches, and personalize your treatment based on what’s most effective for you.

My first goal is to get you relief from daily symptoms. Then, I will help you find coping skills and strategies not only to get by, but to thrive. We will work together to build insight and awareness to become your best self.

I studied Psychology at Boston College and received a Masters in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University. Along with 7 years of rigorous clinical training, I have worked as a therapist and career counselor in public and private universities, as well as non-profits. My specialty is working with anxiety, perfectionism, self-esteem, life transitions, career counseling, family or relational concerns, sports psychology, and learning disabilities/ADHD. I am fortunate to love what I do, and look forward to working with you soon!

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Elisa Hasrouni, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

As a California native, I received my B.A. degree in Psychology with an emphasis in cognitive science. While working full-time, I also completed my Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California and was recognized as a Dean’s List student and a member of the Phi Alpha Honor Society. During my years in graduate studies, I worked for a non-profit organization facilitating group sessions with young adults in rehab and jail. I also completed an internship at a prominent healthcare service agency working with clients of all ages dealing with severe substance abuse and co-occurring diagnoses, becoming well versed in substance abuse and addiction treatment.

Upon graduation, I moved to New York City where I became a Licensed Master Social Worker and began my career as a home-based counselor for foster youth and families. Since then, I have also worked as a therapist in a mental health clinic for adults and children dealing with severe mental health issues. As my career has progressed, I have accumulated years of experience in conducting individual, family, and couples therapy. My specialties include anxiety, depression, work/life balance, trauma, domestic violence, and grief. All in all, I have interacted with an array of clients from all walks of life and I love getting to be a part of each individual’s journey.

I am very passionate about personal growth and provide a safe environment for clients to be open and honest about their individual challenges. I also enjoy fostering an authentic human connection with each of my clients while tailoring our sessions specific to your needs and what you are looking to achieve. Together, we can develop the tools you need to overcome personal struggles and accomplish your goals.

Toni Kim 1000x1000

Toni D. Kim, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

I believe that therapy is a sacred and courageous journey that I feel honored to be co-facilitating. I believe that all of us have our own inner wisdom and innate ability to heal ourselves. I am passionate about assisting people in exploring and healing themselves of past wounds, releasing any painful or limiting beliefs and unlocking the greatness that lies within all of us through a collaborative, compassionate, and person-centered clinical perspective.  

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) with a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from New York University (NYU), Silver School of Social Work, with an undergraduate Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Finance from James Madison University in Virginia. 

I have clinical experience working with diverse adults with complex problems in outpatient, inpatient and community mental health settings providing individual, family and group therapy. In addition to completing a Postgraduate Child and Family Therapy certificate from NYU, I have training in Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Parts I/II from the Parnell Institute. I also have additional training in: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and the Needs Adapted Treatment Model (NATM) for family therapy. I strongly embrace attachment theory, neuroscience and the transpersonal elements of the human condition in my approach with my clients. 

I hope that my gentle, non-judgmental, compassionate presence and commitment to creating a safe space for you to share, enables you to relax and open up about your struggles. I look forward to meeting you on this journey of healing and transformation.  

Robin D. Stone 2

Robin D. Stone, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

I view therapy, or "healthy conversations," through a narrative, multicultural, womanist lens. That means a heightened awareness of how culture influences your self- and worldview, and how you navigate your world.

Against that backdrop, you’ll find a safe, affirming space, a sympathetic ear, insight, and constructive questions to help you cultivate new ways of being and relating.

You’ll learn to apply proven methods to address issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, and relationship problems. My approach is grounded in cognitive behavioral and person-centered theories yet responsive to your distinct needs. I have a special interest in working with people of color, couples, creative artists, and older adults, and incorporating expressive arts techniques.

I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Psychology from New York University, and a Master's in Health Arts & Sciences from Goddard College in Vermont. A Michigan State University journalism graduate, I have written and edited about healthy living, food, and nutrition for more than 20 years.

I’m also a certified holistic health coach, providing support for mind-body wellness.


Amrantha Kalra, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

I believe wellness and healing is possible, no matter what you are facing. As a psychotherapist my focus is to provide a safe and compassionate space for you. In working together, the goal is to focus on your strengths and create an individualized approach in coping with stressors that are impacting your thoughts, feelings and behavior. In exploring coping strategies, my hope is for you to gain a deeper understanding and insight about yourself. Therapy is a collaborative process and we will work together to bring you to a place where you feel safe, secure and empowered. Let's start this journey together.
I adopt an eclectic approach by combining psychodynamic, relational, cognitive behavioral, expressive arts and psychodrama therapy techniques as per the need of my clients. I earned my Mental Health Counseling degree from New York University. Previously, I have worked in Singapore, India and New York with various populations. In addition to issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, career, mood disorders and suicidal thoughts, I also work with adjustment issues that come with immigration and relocation. I welcome Hindi, Punjabi or Urdu speakers too.

Jessica Prichett, LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapist

Jessica acquired her Bachelor's in Art Therapy from Springfield College focusing on the therapeutic nature of creative arts. She then acquired her Master's and New York Licensure in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College, expanding her knowledge of various psychological treatments, techniques, studies,  and theorists. Her Art Therapy internship took place at Rockland County Psychiatric Center: The Living Museum, catering to adults with chronic and severe psychotic disorders who lived onsite. Her graduate practicum took place at Long Island Jewish: Zucker Hillside Hospital, which is an outpatient adult day program focusing on adults with chronic and acute psychiatric issues. Additionally, Jessica has practiced at a variety of settings including: "CREATE, Inc.," an OASIS substance abuse outpatient facility in Harlem specializing in drug and alcohol intervention, "Counseling In Schools" working alongside children aged 4-13 in a public school setting, and lastly at "Community Counseling and Mediation", an outpatient mental health facility catering to children, adolescents, adults and families. The variety of placements and clientele have contributed to Jessica's ability to adapt and desire to continue learning.
Gravitating towards Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I focus on taking the maladaptive thought or behavior that is causing negativity, and effectively work to change them to positive thoughts or behaviors. As someone with knowledge in numerous therapeutic treatments, my desire to learn and adapt is brought into my sessions as I incorporate a variety of psychotherapy techniques based on the individual client's needs. Specialty areas include anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, psychotic disorders, individual, family or couples counseling.
The human experience is as various as it is convoluted, everyone needs a mental tune-up once in a while and I provide a healthy and safe outlet for that to occur. My friendly yet professional outlook has helped to cultivate a supporting environment for all of my patients.

Mariam Ayvazyan, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

My greatest reward as a counselor is helping my clients explore ways to make the changes in their lives that will allow them to look forward to the future with hope. I strive for providing my clients with warm, nonjudgmental environment-a safe place to explore the issues that may be preventing them from living the life they want and desire.

As a trained counselor, I work with individuals, couples and groups. I use a variety of approaches to help my clients, depending on their individual needs. This includes concepts from multiple philosophies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy and Multicultural Therapy. Based on my previous training and work experience, I specialize in addiction and have extensive experience of working with people who are dealing with depression, anxiety, loss and grief, trauma and domestic violence. I have worked with diverse communities including people with HIV and people who are underprivileged. With personal experience, I also relate to issues of acculturative stress and challenges of life transitions.

I earned my undergraduate B.A degree in Psychology from Adelphi University and my M.A. in Mental Health Counseling and Wellness from New York University’s Steinhart Program. As part of my graduate training, I completed a clinical internship from two locations; Long Beach Reach in Long Island and One World Counseling in Brooklyn. I provided long and short-term individual counseling sessions to clients dealing with addiction and other mental health issues. Additionally, I facilitated alcohol and substance use based group therapies as well as Art Therapy group and Parenting Group.

I strongly believe that therapy is successful when there is a good fit between the therapist and the client. If you are ready to explore of ways to make the changes in your life and you feel I could be of help, I am dedicated to being on this journey with you.


Daina Raiffe, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

Daina is a NYC-based Mental Health Counselor working with adults and adolescents with a variety of mental-health disorders and concerns, relationship issues, and career/school stress. She believes that everyone and anyone can benefit from the power of therapy, as we all have space to grow and learn more about ourselves. She is passionate about her work and authentically provides support and insight for clients in helping them meet their goals.

As a therapist, Daina approaches her clients from a place of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance, creating a unique environment where clients feel safe to be authentically themselves. She recognizes that it can sometimes feel like there’s just no one who “gets” you or allows you to be yourself, without being judged. In the unique type of relationship formed in therapy, Daina’s clients begin to discover and unlock their full potential.

Daina earned her Master’s in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University, and completed her training at a renowned eating disorder treatment center in Manhattan. She takes an eclectic approach to therapy, using psychodynamic and person-centered techniques along with CBT/REBT, as necessary for client needs.


April Grigsby, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

When implementing psychotherapy, the shared humanity between myself and the client is a central focus. I use clinical insights and empathetic listening to partner with clients in strengths-based problem-solving. I have done so while providing various modalities (Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Crisis Interventions) to diverse populations of individuals, couples, and families for over 12 years.

It is my goal to distill all of the cerebral insights into a manageable and accessible plan so that you can operationalize change. I  effectively provide evidenced-based therapy to stabilize families with broad cultural diversity. While treating couples, I maintain a balance so that there is not one “designated person” who has to be fixed. I also have a particular interest in high-achieving people of color, immigrants and creatives who are changing their station in life and want support in navigating between their pluralistic identities and perspectives.

Often times people have overly specific conceptions of what therapy entails.  Due to my training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) short-term interventions are customized to their particular clinical needs and the reality of their context. At the end of this collaborative process, you are firmly on the path to being your best self, while still being recognizable to yourself. I am SIFI certified to supervise MSW interns. I attended Yale University for undergraduate and completed a Masters of Social Work at Columbia University.


Maura Nolan, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

Therapy is a deeply personal and exploratory journey. Allowing the heart, mind, and soul to be vulnerable with another person can be daunting. This is why I provide you with a warm, empathic, and non-judgmental environment in which you can freely explore and process your struggles and triumphs. As your therapist, we will work collaboratively to construct a treatment plan that best suits your individual mental health needs. I use a variety of techniques drawn from Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to strengthen emotion regulation and interpersonal relationships, foster resilience and acceptance, identify and decrease maladaptive behavior patterns, and provide coping skills to increase life satisfaction. Prior experience involves providing psychological services and treatment at Mt. Sinai Hospital to individuals suffering from a variety of mental illness: anxiety, depression, OCD, psychosis, and eating and personality disorders. My credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Loyola University Maryland and a Master’s degree in mental health counseling from New York University.

Connecting with my clients is of the utmost importance to me. My ability to foster a trusting, caring and genuine relationship with you will allow our work to be both meaningful and productive. You will receive unconditional support and acceptance, while also being challenged to open yourself to new viewpoints and make constructive changes in your life. I look forward to meeting you in the therapy room.



Natalia Lalane, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

My strong belief is everyone deserves to live life to their fullest potential. Childhood traumas, relationship breakups, career setbacks, illnesses, deaths of loved ones and other losses often leave us scarred and unable to move forward. Wherever the client is at the moment is the place we begin each session. Every person and every life story is unique and must be considered closely to find the right approach to treatment. Therapy is a journey. I will guide you through it without judgement and with empathy.

I found my passion in helping others overcome social and emotional issues while interning at Elmhurst Hospital as an undergrad. Since then, I have continued working with youths and adults in a variety of settings. My specialization includes helping clients who suffer from anxiety and depression, low self-esteem, impulse control issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as working with individuals whose problems are not easily defined by a diagnosis. I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is an evidence-based approach designed to modify dysfunctional thoughts and to create healthy habits. I am fluent in English and Russian and practice therapy in both languages. I earned a BA in Psychology at Baruch College and a Master in Social Work from NYU.

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Jamie Klein, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

I believe that the most important aspect of psychotherapy is the client-therapist relationship. I welcome people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds with warmth and understanding. I believe that there is no one approach to psychotherapy that best suits every person; therefore, I use a collaborative approach with my clients to tailor their treatment. By working together, we can create goals to help you achieve your best self.

I earned my Bachelors in psychology from Dickinson College and my Masters in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness from New York University. There I took various courses on couples, family, mind-body connection, trauma, grief, and adolescents in order to gain an eclectic background that would help me understand a diverse population.

During my Master’s Program, I completed a yearlong internship at Gilda’s Club NYC; a center that offers support groups as well as physical and mental activities to anyone impacted by cancer. There I had the chance to hone my skills in groups, bereavement counseling, trauma, and the mind-body connection. I have a passion for working with people with chronic Illness, whether that be cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, or other physical ailments. I also have an interest in working with people with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, relationships, or other emotional issues.

I believe that everyone has the power to take back control of their lives. With psychotherapy, I will use both holistic and evidence-based approaches to help you make meaning of life events, teach you coping skills, and further explore the mind-body connection through an empathic, non-judgmental and safe space.



Linda Harari, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker

Whether battling through a difficult period or life event, or working through the everyday struggles with anxiety or depression, I believe everyone could benefit from a safe space to work through the thoughts pressing on their minds. I am passionate about using my skills and experiences to help others lead a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle using client-focused approaches such as  CBT, Mindfulness, Strength Based, and others. My process is collaborative, with the client at the center. Together we will work to find new ways of thinking about, understanding, and coping with your current life situation and explore the contributing factors that have hindered your growth thus far.

I received my undergraduate B.A. in psychology from Hunter College and my masters in social work from New York University. My experience in the field includes working with clients as young as three or four years old, up to eighty years old and almost everything in between. I am trained in trauma informed therapy and hold a certificate in trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy. My academic as well as real-life experiences have provided me the skillset to approach each case in a sophisticated and non judgemental manner to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual client.

I believe at the center of every good therapeutic relationship is genuine human connection, and that's exactly what I hope to provide. I look forward to meeting you!


Ann Farrar, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

I believe that pain and struggle come from a disconnect between where we are and what we need to thrive. When we're isolated and exhausted, making changes can feel impossible. I take a psychodynamic and person-centered approach to connect clients to their unique strengths, helping them rise up into clarity and the best version of themselves. Additionally, I have a strong interest in work/life balance issues and holistic lifestyle approaches to depression and anxiety.

My down-to-earth approach is based in the belief that an honest and intentional therapeutic relationship can be deeply healing and empowering. I come to this work after many years of experience in the workforce, particularly the arts, and I utilize my experience in authentic connection and communication.

I have an MA in counseling from New York University as well as an MFA from American Conservatory Theater and a BA from Indiana University. I worked previously as a counselor with the United Federation of Teachers and Worklifefamhow holistic health coaching.



Kathleen Lynch, MHC-LP

Resident Mental Health Counselor

One thing that we all share is the feeling that life can be very challenging. Life is ever changing and new challenges are constantly being presented. At times these challenges are too difficult for us to handle on our own. In this struggle we are all together. I seek to create a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore the way you think, gain a clearer understanding of your present situation by unlocking the truth, and recognize what can be done today for tomorrow. My treatment is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and incorporates a dynamic Person-Centered approach.
I earned my undergraduate degree from Salve Regina University and my Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University. I've treated substance abuse, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, panic, life transitions, financial struggles, and career concerns. In the past I've enjoyed working with college students and adolescents.
I believe the therapeutic relationship is at the core of effective work, and I place a strong value on establishing and maintaining these relationships. The quest for self-discovery is never over, and it holds opportunity at every turn. No one has to do it alone.